Texas Democrats on Donald Trump Claiming Texas “Made a Fortune” Off Of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Killed More Than 100 People and Caused More than $125 Billion in Damage

Austin, TX —  Yesterday, in his visit to Texas, Donald Trump mocked Texans when he claimed Texans “made a fortune” off the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Do Trump Republicans, like John Cornyn and Greg Abbott, agree with Trump while he mocks the brave first responders who answered the call for help, the Texans whose homes were destroyed, and those who lost their lives?

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“What Donald Trump said was absolutely shameful. Texans lost everything because of Hurricane Harvey. Two years after Harvey hit, there are still Texans who haven’t been able to return home.

“If Donald Trump thinks Texans made a ‘fortune’ off of Hurricane Harvey, he should get out of his Florida resort and meet with Texans still living in FEMA trailers because their homes were destroyed.

“Do Trump Republicans like John Cornyn and Greg Abbott agree with these comments? Do they continue to defend Donald Trump after he mocks the pain felt by Texans? Sadly, we all know exactly what direction they’ll go.

“Republicans have failed Texas families.”